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John Ross Memorial

Southampton Old Cemetery

The unmarked pauper’s grave of Charles Rawden MacLean, 

who was known as “John Ross” to the Zulu nation in the early 1800s,

 was recognised after more than 120 years when 

an inscribed memorial stone was dedicated at Southampton Old Cemetery.

In 2008 Fraserburgh Heritage Society initiated moves to raise cash for a memorial stone.

The Friends of Southampton Old Cemetery  spearheaded the project with support from Fraserburgh Rotary Club

 and Zulu War author and broadcaster Ian Knight.

Ian said of the memorial stone project: “MacLean was a champion of liberty,
and his stone will be one of the few inscriptions in a British cemetery which
 commemorates a positive interaction between the British and Zulu people;
 most existing memorials commemorate individuals who were involved in Anglo-Zulu conflict."

Zulu author Ian Knight; Iain Rankin, Fraserburgh Heritage Society; Zibuyile Hlongwana from Durban; Brian Parnell, Mayor of Southampton.

Above photos: Courtesy Bruce Larner - Friends ot Southampton Old Cemetery.

May 18th 2008 

After many months of research and endeavour, Heritage Society members completed this much enlarged
display telling the life-story of Fraserburgh-born Charles Rawden MacLean, also known as "John Ross."

Traditional Zulu warrior dress
funded by Fraserburgh Rotary Club.

The Zulu warrior costume is handmade by Thomas Fukude, Induna (Chief) of his clan, from the Nkwaleni Valley
the original homeland of Shaka and the birthplace of the Zulu nation.

Fraserburgh Heritage Society wish to acknowledge the support, advice and contribution received from the
Zululand Historical Museum Eshowe, KwaZulu Natal, Republic of South Africa.

Charles Rawden MacLean lies in an unmarked grave in this Southampton cemetery.

family history research page

Photo: Courtesy of Friends ot Southampton Old Cemetery.

Fraserburgh Heritage Society is involved in the Southampton Old Cemetery plans
 to erect a memorial plaque on his grave.
The life of "John Ross" has inspired the writing of The John Ross Trilogy.


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