About the Heritage Centre

The 4 Star visitor attraction is run by Fraserburgh Heritage Society Ltd a local charitable trust.

The Centre is run by volunteers.


Leased by
Fraserburgh Heritage Society Ltd.
The Centre is run by volunteers from the Society.

Award Winning Museum

History of the Centre

Built around the 1900's

Orignial Use

Fraserburgh Heritage Centre building was built around the 1900's. It was originally used as a store for Herring Barrels.

You can see our exhibt of the Coopers Tools and examples of work.

Herring Barrels

Later Became a Foundry

Consolidated Pneumatic Tool Company Ltd

The building later was taken over by the Consolidated Pneumatic Tool Company Ltd (CPT).
They used the building as a foundry in production of CPT Tools.

Herring Barrels

Centre opened in 1998

Heritage Centre Conversion

The building was converted in 1998 to a (650m2) modern visitor centre which illustrates the history of Fraserburgh and its people.

It has been run by volunteers from the Fraserburgh Heritage Society Ltd ever since.

Fraserburgh Heritage Centre

Volunteer Today

You don’t have to be an History expert to volunteer at Fraserburgh Heritage Centre. If you enjoy learning and meeting new people then you’ll enjoy our exhibits.

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